Veterinary Laser Therapy in Fishers, IN

Veterinary laser therapy is a relatively new mode of treatment available for pets. There are a number of reasons why laser therapy might be recommended for a dog or cat, but the most common one is pain management. Here is some information about veterinary laser therapy and how it can help your pet.

What Is Veterinary Laser Therapy?

Laser therapy is safe, completely painless and non-invasive. Through the use of a handheld wand the veterinarian applies a low-frequency light — a “laser” — to specific areas on your pet’s body for treatment. Patients, pets and veterinary staff will wear protective goggles during the treatment.

A session can usually be completed in just a few minutes. Owners will often notice an immediate improvement in their pet’s symptoms after just one session, although multiple sessions are often prescribed for long-term recovery.

Uses of Veterinary Laser Therapy

Laser therapy is extremely helpful in pain management. This means that pets that are recovering from surgery or an injury can see great results from this therapy. Likewise, pets with painful chronic conditions like arthritis can also find relief from it. 

Some types of pets have limited treatment options when it comes to conventional veterinary medicine. Laser therapy offers an added treatment possibility for those pets. Examples include:

  • Cats – There are very few approved pain management medications for our feline friends
  • Exotic pets – Giving medication to some of these pets can be difficult or impossible
  • Pets with liver disease that cannot take regular medications
  • Senior pets that might have reduced organ function

How it Works

The lasers designed for this therapy cause a reaction in your pet known as photobiomodulation. In layman’s terms, the laser causes a reaction in your pet’s body that promotes cell growth and regeneration.

Laser therapy prompts the following positive reactions in the affected areas of your pet’s body:

  • Release of endorphins for pain relief
  • Increased blood circulation, which carries more oxygen to the cells
  • Relaxation of affected muscle groups, to facilitate healing
  • Reduction in cellular inflammation
  • Faster tissue repair and healing

Veterinary Laser Therapy in Fishers, IN

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